hybrid fiction

completed work

“Although she is dead, she is dreaming. The TUNK sound of her head hitting the side of the bathtub mutters something about a watermelon or a pumpkin. She should not have balanced on one foot, like an ungainly flamingo, tugging on her second sock. She should not have been standing on a satin bathrobe, which should not have tossed, crumpled, on the floor…”

“My baby girl is licking the glass bottom half of the storm door in big, sticky slurps, like she wants a taste of the hot day outside. She’s getting it all smeary but I can’t seem to make myself care. That’s the whole story of my life, anyhow: the ‘** you’ of other people’s messes…”

works in progress

Grandma and the Plague Beast: Mason’s Quest

“Once upon a time, a time so long ago that chickens still had teeth, a terrible Plague Beast came and stole away all the Grandmas. The Plague Beast was a mad, cruel creature, made of meat and trash and all the sad and stupid mistakes of humanity’s tattered, sorry past. It carried off the Grandmas in its sharp claws, as though it meant to keep them…”